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Since 2014, our chapter has made great strides towards presenting a scholarship to the youth that we represent daily. It is an honor and privilege to formally announce: The Chi Omega Scholarship, Powered by; Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Chi Omega Philadelphia Alumni Chapter. Presenting the scholarship is a historic, monumental, and fitting progression for the Chi Omega Chapter. The Chi Omega Scholarship is especially close to our hearts; it is something that both Past Polaris Bro. Aubrey Smith and Past Polaris Bro. Tyrone A. Patton Jr discussed while they performed their respective duties as brothers of the Chi Omega Chapter. It is our duty to continue to RISE above “The Stars” and allow their legacy to live on through our work!

Our Goal is to provide (4) Scholarships annually to young individuals who represent the legacy of several Fallen Brothers that impacted our area:


  • Bro. Tyrone Patton Scholarship for Leadership

  • Bro. Aubrey Smith Visionary Scholarship

  • Bro. Ron Jones Scholarship for Excellence

  • Foun. Charles Gregory Scholarship for Citizenship


As of September 19th, 2016, We were able to host our first scholarship fundraiser which was extremely successful with providing a sound financial foundation towards the scholarship. We are thankful for the support of the membership and community who contributed for a greater cause. To current and future donors, this is an important step to providing a lasting, and enriching experience for a young person to complete college and achieve beyond their dreams. As an IOTA of Chi Omega, or an impactful person in your community, we want to ensure that we are not leaving our own behind and guiding them along and through the path of college. In addition, we want to refocus our impact in the communities in which we live and serve, day by day!

Please Visit Our Donate Page to Contribute to the Chi Omega Scholarship Fund



Bro. Jermaine L Colon

2nd Vice Polaris

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

Chi Omega Phila Alumni Chapter

Scholarship Committee Chair

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